The Project

Using a multi-channel digital strategy (Bing, Facebook, Google Ads), we grew online sales from £100k p/m to £180k p/m in less than 6 months. Our bold creatives, featuring a “dancing dad” wearing the wide fit shoes, captured audiences’ attention and made the campaigns stand out in a crowded marketplace.




Cost Per Acquisition

The Partner's Reaction

"We've been using Social Reach for the last 6 months and the service has been superb. We've been creating a long-term marketing plan using data to better understand our customers across all our marketing channels within Facebook and Google.

The insights have been really valuable so far and the results have been fantastic but still, plenty of improvements and learnings. Looking forward to scaling our business."

Birju Umeria, Director, Wide Fit Shoes

How We Did It

Understanding The Target Market

Wide Fit Shoes specialises in footwear in all shapes and sizes for wide feet and “problematic feet” (sore feet, swollen insteps, gout and far more). We wanted to reach people looking for comfortable footwear without sacrificing style and targeted men and women over 35 years of age.

Brands Promoted

We helped Wide Fit shoe launch and promote their brand Tredd Well and well-known brands such as New Balance and Skechers.

The Campaigns

We created a comprehensive marketing strategy that used Bing, Google Ads and Facebook concurrently. On Facebook, we used a traditional lead generation campaign to drive indirect sales and conversion campaigns. In addition, we optimised campaigns to achieve the best ROAS.


The starting monthly advertising budget was £3,000 across all 3 channels, and we were able to quickly increase this to £12,000 whilst retaining an average ROAS of 18X.


Running campaigns across three channels meant we had to be very clear in our communications with the partner. As a result, we provided Wide Fit Shoes with detailed insights, including weekly and quarterly performance across all channels. At all times, they were fully appraised of current performance and our recommendations for the next steps.