The Project

We partnered with LYNYER to promote their unique, stylish jewellery on social media in the UK, US, Middle East and Singapore and achieved a 171% yearly revenue increase. The key to success was to reach people interested in far more than commonplace jewellery items; we had to reach people who would be intrigued by and appreciative of high quality, lovingly crafted pieces, each of which has a tale to tell.


Net Sales


Repeat Purchases

The Partner's Reaction

"It's great working with Stephen and his team. They are consistently on top of the details and always looking to enhance our business. Highly recommended genuine team!"

Leen Abdelnour, Founder, Lynyer

How We Did It

The Unique Selling Point

The LYNYER brand is truly one of a kind. The collections include delights such as snake-inspired pieces handmade in Lebanon, delicate jewellery handcrafted by artisans in Jaipur, and semi-precious stone necklaces inspired by Indian craftsmanship.


In addition to promoting their existing products, we worked closely with LYNYER to plan the launch of their newest collection – the Botanical Collection.

The Campaigns

Our primary objective was to increase revenue by running campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. First, we put audiences through a two-phase test, then consolidated the best audiences into a CBO campaign. Finally, we utilised the collection ad type to deliver an immersive platform shopping experience focusing our efforts on promoting the Botanical Collection.


The Botanical Collection is now Lynyer's number one selling collection, with their Botanica Pearl Drop Earrings selling almost 100 pieces since launch.


It was essential to test different visuals for such a diverse range of beautiful jewellery to identify the best performers: we provided creative test data to LYNYER, who then produced similar creatives for us to use in the campaigns. This collaborative approach led to an excellent working relationship.