What if your Fashion brand could change the world? All over the globe, people consume fashion from polyester t-shirts to acrylic hats and gloves. When the demand increases for new innovative fast fashion, so does supply.

And that’s where the problem begins…

The fashion industry consumes one-tenth of all the planets industrial water and approximately 20% of wastewater worldwide. The water is then recycled back into our oceans, releasing harmful toxins. In addition, synthetic materials used in clothing produce plastic fibres that enter our oceans. So we are causing a vicious cycle of ocean pollution to our planet. And that’s not all. Where does all of the consumed clothing go? To the landfill. Approximately 62 million metric tons of it. Incinerated and back into the atmosphere.

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“As consumers, we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy”

Emma Watson

The Solution

So can we cure the damage to the Oceans and atmosphere altogether? The answer is no. But we can reduce it by adapting the industry model and changing the world.

Low Batch Production

Simply producing less product at a higher quality slows fashion down. Low batch production relieves pressure on the landfills and releases fewer toxins into the air.

Local Manufacturing

Manufacturing locally or using transport that produces less CO2 than airfreight will reduce your carbon footprint.

Recycled, organic or reusable fashion

And lastly, recycling materials and encouraging consumers to reuse products will change behaviour and impact the longevity of the items we wear.

So the question is, why do I care? I care because I know the advertising industry has facilitated the growth of fast fashion. As a result, we are putting profits over the planet and our children’s future. But that changes today. With our focus shifted towards slower, high quality, sustainable fashion. Quality over quantity and our service will reflect that.