The Project

We partnered with Fruitful Day to assist in leveraging their social media to generate sales. In under 18 months, we took the subscription business from an unknown brand to a household name in the UAE. Generating close to 900K AED in revenue on Meta platforms alone and helping them to attract investment to launch their new range of organic frozen snacks




Attributed Purchases

The Partner's Reaction

"Social Reach Marketing grows with you - we started with a limited budget, and as we've grown, Social Reach has been able to grow with our complexities. They can help demystify Facebook ads and help a business understand what is required to be successful."

Marie-Christine, Founder, Fruitful Day

How We Did It

A 'Fresh' Approach to Advertising

Fruitful Day is a family of friends based in Dubai who came together with a passion for doing their part to improve health and well-being in the UAE. A mixture of vibrant colours and outstanding product offer meant Social Reach could hit the ground running with campaigns for every business area with ‘fruity’ creatives.


With an emphasis on the seasons and holidays, we were able to run creative-driven campaigns for Eid, Diwali, Ramadan and Christmas. In addition, we scaled campaigns tenfold during the holidays and took advantage of the busy shopping seasons.

The Campaigns

Fruitful Day wanted to reach multiple market sections with its subscription, corporate and single-product offers. So we focused on identifying those markets and tailoring creatives specifically for them, which resulted in an immediate uplift in sales.


Fruitful Day has now grown to the point it can take on investment, launch products in supermarkets, and release new exciting lines of fruit products.


Social Reach has built a relationship with the Fruitful Day team for over two years through effective communication. The seasonal creatives meant we spent much time analysing and identifying high-performing photos and short-form videos. We required regular team meetings to make this happen.