The Project

Using our expertise in paid social marketing, we reached over 46 million new prospects globally for Dear Frances in two years and generated almost 8 figures in sales.
The brand has seen over a 3.5X return on its paid advertising activities online.


New Prospects Reached



The Partner's Reaction

“We have worked with Social Reach to implement a robust paid social marketing strategy. The team are extremely knowledgeable across all facets of paid social and constantly exploring new ways to optimise and scale our campaigns throughout the funnel.

Highly recommend for any business serious about scaling their digital marketing campaigns."

Scott, Managing Director, Dear Frances

How We Did It

Understanding The Brand

We tailored our Digital Strategy specifically for the brand.

Dear Frances offers luxury designer classics to modern women. Understanding the brand’s unique selling points helped us to create an effective digital marketing strategy.


We worked with the brand’s in-house designers to develop a range of engaging branded videos. We understood the buying cycle was longer than average, so we adjusted our strategy to include brand awareness creatives.

The Campaigns

Using Paid Social, we created several acquisition campaigns to target our core audience. We then set up a robust sales funnel to maximise online purchases. Throughout the project, we put the creatives and copy through extensive testing to determine which performed best at every funnel stage.


Starting with a small monthly advertising budget, we carefully scaled up the campaigns to reach a monthly spend of over six figures p/m.


The best marketing projects require clear and regular communication between the partner and the agency. So we were always available to discuss the project with Dear Frances and answer any questions. Additionally, we provided regular progress reports with easy-to-understand metrics and new optimisation proposals.